Snakes and Pills

016 - gambit

Felipe pulled the ticket off the carousel.

Another Happy Platter Deluxe, this time for table D13. Felipe oh-so-hated making Happy Platter Deluxes.

Who were these people ordering such a huge and grandiose meal? Felipe decided he would try and find out, because this was the third damn Happy Platter Deluxe, and he was going to at least see the faces of those that tormented him so.

Moving like a special forces commando stealthily through the busy kitchen, the short-order cook snuck to the door of the kitchen. Another quick motion, and he was out the door, now he was on the restaurant floor.

"D13, D13..." Felipe muttered to himself. He glanced around the dining room. Being a cook he had no need to know the seating locations, but in his off times he had taken to memorizing the seating charts that gave each table its own special code designation. He hadn't done this for any particular purpose, just boredom.

Table D13. A four-seater, but as Felipe quickly saw, only one man occupied the table. It was hard to imagine that one man ordered and intended to consume a Happy Platter Deluxe by his lonesome--but if there was one man to accomplish this task, it was this man. The man at D13 was a large, voluminous man, with a shape that could generally be likened to an overweight egg.

Mr. D13 laughed, he laughed because he had nothing else to do. He sat there, waiting for his meal, his Happy Platter Deluxe, and he laughed, content in his gluttony.

Felipe burned with hatred for this man. He felt the meat thermometer in his breast pocket. The long heat probe would look good in this man's neck, Felipe decided. He felt the rage shift through his body, motivating his hands, his legs, his entire body to act in unison to take down this human dirigible that was moments away from popping anyhow. ...Almost.

Felipe contained his rage, and went back to cook the Happy Platter Deluxe. But he promised to himself that he'd cook it sloppily. It was the most he could do, after all, there were bills to pay.


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