Snakes and Pills

019 - station lapse

That buzzing was incessant. So Charlie ripped the earpiece off of his head. He threw it on the ground, and smashed it with his shoe. It broke into a million pieces, because it was shoddily constructed by some child in China.

The buzzing had sent Charlie into a mad rage. He began to run down the street. Onlookers were bewildered as they watched him dance, scream, and flail his arms violently.

Nearby a vendor was selling meats of various sorts. Charlie slid towards the cart, grabbed it near its base, and flipped the entire wagon over. Meat went flying everywhere.

Then Charlie used his feet to flip two long links of sausages up into his hands, and began to wave them around, like nunchucks--but only if nunchucks had been made of meat. The crowd backed even further away, since he was now equipped with meat weaponry.

He screamed at the crowd of onlookers, "You want to buzz at me, bitches? BUZZ BUZZ MOTHERFUCKERS!" while waving the sausages madly. Most of the crowd agreed that his raging was very cliched, but still somewhat threatening.

It seemed as if things were going to get messy and violent, when a girl, decked out in hip hop apparel, popped a cassette into her boombox. Immediately, a beat mad enough to match Charlie's rage permeated the air.

It didn't exactly have what could be called a soothing effect on Charlie, but the music did diffuse the situation. He began to breakdance in tune to the music, the chains of sausage links no longer his weapons but now his props used to accentuate his dance. And it was a mad meat dance.

The crowd was appeased. Clapping and cheering him on, they seemed to completely forget his antics from a moment earlier. Charlie, waving sausage, continued to dance, until the tape in the boombox suddenly jammed, and it produced a loud squeal.

The squeal was incessant.


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