Snakes and Pills

025 - electricity

"Beautiful day in the desert, eh Ted?"

Two well-dressed men teed up on their little oasis, a stretch of green that seemed to almost be a mirage in the sea of dunes. Getting out of their carts, they pulled out their drivers, stretched, and enjoyed their surroundings.

In the distance, they could hear the droning of some machine. But they had no idea what it was. They had no idea it was a chopper, a stolen helicopter, armed to the teeth. They had no idea that it was headed straight for them.

The men in their golf shirts continued to go through their routines. The first man placed his ball on the tee, and looked out into the distance. He was feeling good about his chances today, he had spent a few hours at the range during the week and his drive had really improved a lot lately.

The sound of the chopper grew louder. Still no reason for concern, due to the proximity of several nearby military bases, it was fairly commonplace for aircraft to grace the skyline. The first man lined up his shot, took a few practice swings, and then finally made contact.


Death loomed nearer now, the noise of the rotating blades did seem a bit louder than normal, from the freshly-watered green grass on the ground. Finally, the two men glanced up in the air and saw the helicopter veering towards their general direction.

The man at the controls was hardly a seasoned pilot, in fact he rather lacked any formal knowledge of how to operate any sort of vehicle designed for travel in the air, much less prototype attack helicopters. Yet he had managed it thus far, and he was determined to finish the mission he had given himself.

Pulling up on the control stick, he struggled to bring the reticule to match with where he wanted his fury to go, and then he depressed the button which he assumed must have been some sort of trigger for some sort of weapon.

A machine gun began ratcheting off rounds at an alarming rate. The would-be pilot was severely off target, and now the men on the ground were very aware of what they were in for. They scrambled back to their cart, but it was all for naught--in a few more moments, the man in the helicopter had corrected his line of bullets and quickly tore apart the golf cart and the two men inside.

He let the gun continue to fire indiscriminately at targets on the stretch of green ground until his ammo was depleted. Not knowing what to do next, he pressed another button in the cockpit, which much to his surprise, made his aircraft emit a rather wide volley of eight missiles, which promptly made contact with the ground below him and set everything ablaze.

Steadily losing control of his vehicle, he couldn't help but be in awe of the mess he had created. "Nice!"


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