Snakes and Pills

091 - breaking

Trevor stepped into the cool lobby of the library. As the door at the entrance closed behind him, he suddenly was not so sure if he had remembered to lock the car in the parking lot. He felt around his possessions, and fished the keys to the car out of his left pocket. He tried to remember if he had pressed the little button on the remote control, and if he had heard the little horn honk and seen the lights flash, which was the car's way of letting the driver know it was safely locked.

He had witnessed the car being locked many times before, so while he could remember the process crisply, Trevor could not recall whether or not it had actually occurred today. This was particularly distressing to him, as it was not his car, but his father's. If anything bad were to happen to the car, he would have to deal with his father's wrath.

Ultimately, Trevor reasoned that, even though he was already in the library, perhaps it might be for the best to go back out and check, just to make sure the car was safe and sound. He knew he was probably being paranoid. Of course he had locked the doors, it had just become such a habit that his brain simply did not give it a second thought, and that's why he didn't remember it. Even if he hadn't locked the doors, he was parked in his school's library's parking lot, not exactly a place fabled for its high crime rates.

Still, he had to go check.

So, he pulled the door open and stepped back out into the heat. The parking lot was not quite adjacent to the library, and thus it took him a minute or two to get back to it. When he saw the car, he was still quite a ways from it. He considered just pressing the button on the remote, which would work from this range, and then turning back. But, he had come this far, he might as well check on the car and make sure it was all safe and sound.

As Trevor got closer to the car, he was struck aghast. His worst fears were confirmed, and he saw that there were two people seated in the driver's and front passenger's seats of the car. He had no idea what to do. There were strangers, weird people, in his father's car. He felt his stomach twist and turn as he continued to approach the car.

There was a man seated in the driver's seat, and a woman in the passenger's seat. They were seated there, oddly enough, with their seat belts on, despite the fact that the car wasn't going anywhere. Trevor considered going and calling for help, but he feared that by the time he returned, they might have done something worse to his father's car. Instead, he opted to just walk right up to them.

He knocked on the driver's window, before realizing that the man had no way of actually rolling the window down. The guy looked at him, and gave no signs to Trevor that he felt as if he had been caught. Instead, he cracked the door open slightly.

"Can I help you, man?" He asked Trevor.

"Uh, yeah," Trevor began, nervously. He had no idea what to say. "This is not your car, is it?" The man in the driver's seat just laughed. "No, it's not. I'm guessing it's yours, then?"

"Well, kind of," Trevor said timidly. "Would you mind if I asked you to get out?"

The man kept his smile up. "No, I wouldn't mind at all if you asked," he replied. "Okay," Trevor said, summoning his courage. "Would you two please get out of the car? Please?"

"No," the man said, smiling.


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